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The 2023/24 winter season is finished. Thank you all for visiting!

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The 2023/24 winter season is finished. Thank you all for visiting!

You are still welcome. Beautiful views and outdoor activities invite you all year round.


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Vogel Ski Resort - like a fairy tale

Vogel Ski Resort is one of the biggest Ski resorts in Slovenia. It is located in the Triglav National Park above the end of the Bohinj Valley. You can reach the lower station of the Vogel Cable Car by walking on well-maintained paths on the northern or southern shore of Lake Bohinj. You can also travel by public transport, tourist boat, or by car, which you can park in the free parking lot. You can comfortably reach the upper station of the Vogel Cable Car, at an altitude of over 1500m, by taking the gondola

This enchanting Goldhorn Kingdom will make your heart sing in every season. Whether it is the beautiful colors, magnificent views or the wide range of opportunities for active leisure in the high mountains.

In very favorable snow conditions, we offer quality skiing on natural snow for up to six months (from November to May). In other seasons, Vogel spoils you with panoramic rides, practical starting points for high mountain hiking tours, experiences on the Zadnji Vogel pasture, excellent culinary offer, and comfortable accommodations.

Check where we are and how to reach us.

Ski center Vogel, one of the largest ski resorts in Slovenia

Welcome to the Vogel Ski Centre, one of the largest ski resorts in Slovenia, where a snow fairy tale meets a supreme skiing experience.

Vogel is not just a ski resort; it's a place where winter touches the heart. Join us for a truly magical experience that you'll carry in your heart long after you've returned home.

Vogel - like a fairy tale

Natural Snow, natural joy

On Vogel, you'll experience skiing on natural snow, which means you can indulge in true winter fun.

Diverse ski slopes

With up to 22 km of ski slopes (depending on nature's generosity with snow), you'll find something for everyone, whether you're a beginner, an experienced skier or a snowboarder. Vogel offers an exceptional variety of terrain to suit all tastes and skiing levels.

Adrenaline in the snow park

For those seeking an extra thrill, we offer one of the best snow parks in Slovenia, where you can express yourself through freestyle skiing or snowboarding  and experience a real adrenaline adventure.

Rich cuisine

During a day of skiing, enjoy the culinary delights in one of the ski resort's restaurants. Taste local specialities, enjoy a warm lunch or simply have a pizza, all with a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains.

Quality ski school

Vogel Ski School gives you the opportunity to improve your skiing or snowboarding skills or learn from scratch. Experienced and friendly teachers will make learning fun and effective.

Equipment rental and service at your fingertips

Don't have your own ski equipment? On Vogel, you can rent top-quality equipment that will allow you to ski with confidence. We are also here for any repairs or adjustments you may need.

Vogel Ski Resort

Experience winter in a unique way at Vogel Ski Resort, in the heart of Triglav National Park. Vogel is an incredibly beautiful high-altitude ski resort in Slovenia that will impress you with its location, stunning views, snow-white slopes, and natural snow.

With the cable car, you will ascend into untouched nature, where you can indulge in the pleasures of the ski slopes. Vogel Ski Resort's slopes are suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers, as you will easily find a slope adapted to your level of skills.

Vogel is not just a ski resort, but also an opportunity to spend an active holiday in nature. When the ski lifts stop and the day skiers head down to the valley, you are practically alone, surrounded by nature. Observing the night sky and the morning dawn is something unforgettable. To experience this, you must stay at Vogel. And for lovers of untouched nature and tranquility, there are several accommodation options available.

Parking Regime

Parking is allowed only in designated places!

Parking is not allowed everywhere else, even along regional roads. Otherwise you will have to pay a fine.

All parking spaces, including occupancy, can be found here.

New on Vogel

We have built you a panoramic, circular cabin cable car.

From this winter season, a new circular cable car is in operation on the ski slope Orlove Glave - Zadnji Vogel.

You will get a few minutes to relax and enjoy the view in peace.

It will also operate during the main part of the summer season.

* Please check the operation before visiting in summer.

Our offer

Ski slopes and facilities

In good snow conditions, there are up to 22 km of ski slopes with various ski lifts.

Delicious cuisine

You can refresh and refuel in our four restaurants.

Ski resort accommodation

What's better than waking up in the snow-capped mountains, enjoying the sunrise in pure peace.

Additional offer

First time on skis? Don't have or forgot a piece of ski equipment? Are you colder than you expected?
We have a solution for everything.


Check the current conditions and weather forecast,
pack your gear and head for Vogel in the morning.
We are waiting for you.