Vogel Snow Park

For those seeking an extra thrill, we offer one of the best snow parks in Slovenia, where you can express yourself through freestyle skiing or snowboarding  and experience a real adrenaline adventure.

The snow park offers daily enjoyment on multiple jumps (kickers) and other elements (rails + boxes). It is suitable for both beginners (beginner - baby line) as well as the experienced and professional users.

Snow park Vogel covers about 2 ha of the Vogel ski resort. It is open daily from approximately 09:30 am to 03:30 pm (depending on when snowcat grooming work is completed - a soft landing is a good landing). The park is closed for one or two days after snowfall, depending on the amount of snowfall, and during heavier snowfall.

Facilities in the Vogel Snow Park

The layout depends on the snow depth

  • Kicker line: choose between a larger (12m) and a smaller (9m) jump, plus a roller in the lower part of the park
  • Rail line (down rail, double kink, rainbow, straight rail...)
  • Beginner line: smaller jump (3-4m), waves, rainbow box, straight box, kink box, ...

Snow park Vogel is often the venue for various competitions and events (OBSEŠEN VIKEND SEŠEN) and always provides plenty of fun.

Obsešen Vikend Sešen

Obsešen Vikend Sešen is an annual event held in the Vogel Snow park at the end of the winter season.

Some highlights from our past events:

Obsesen Vikend Sesen 2023

Obsesen Vikend Sesen 2022

Obsesen Vikend Sesen 2019

Obsesen Vikend Sesen 2017

Obsesen Vikend Sesen 2016

Obsesen Vikend Sesen 2015

Obsesen Vikend Sesen 2014

Obsesen Vikend Sesen 2014

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