Vogel Ski Center Bohinj

Experience winter in a unique way at Vogel Ski Center, in the heart of Triglav National Park. Vogel is an incredibly beautiful high-altitude ski resort in Slovenia that will impress you with its location, stunning views, snow-white slopes, and natural snow. With the cable car, you will ascend into untouched nature, where you can indulge in the pleasures of the ski slopes.

Vogel Ski Resort's slopes are suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers, as you will easily find a slope adapted to your level of skills. Vogel is not just a ski resort, but also an opportunity to spend an active holiday in nature. When the ski lifts stop and the day skiers head down to the valley, you are practically alone, surrounded by nature. Observing the night sky and the morning dawn is something unforgettable. To experience this, you must stay at Vogel. And for lovers of untouched nature and tranquillity, there are several accommodation options available.

Vogel Ski Center Information

The speciality of the Vogel ski resort is that you only ski on natural snow. If that's not great...

Lower Vogel Cable Car station569 m

Upper Vogel Cable Car station: 1.535 m

Highest ski-lift station: 1.800 m

Cable car capacity: 950 na uro

Ski resort capacity: 9.420 skiers per hour

Ski area: 78 ha

Total length of ski slopes: 22 km

Easy slopes: 9.500 m

Intermediate slopes: 12.500 m

Types of ski lifts:

- Circular cable car

- Four-seater chairlifts

- Single-seater chairlifts

- Drag lifts (T-Bar)

- Magic Carpet Lift in the children's park

Skiing on natural snow

With 22 km of ski slopes, Vogel ski resort is one of the largest ski resorts in Slovenia.  

When there is enough snow in the valley and on the hills, and the Žagarjev graben slope is also open, the Vogel ski resort also has the longest ski slope in Slovenia, as much as 7.5 km long. It runs from the upper station of the Šija chairlift and all the way to the lower station of the swinging cable car - the gondola.

22 km of ski slopes

The Vogel ski area is suitable for virtually all skiers and snowboarders. From complete beginners to advanced skiers.
In addition to the children's park, where complete beginners learn to ski, the Vogel ski resort has easier (blue) lines and more demanding (red) lines.

Beautiful views

The Vogel ski resort is located in the heart of the Triglav National Park. You will enjoy wonderful views while skiing.
Make sure you don't forget that you are skiing and that you also have to look ahead 😉

Technical data of the Vogel cable car

Year of construction: 2001
Engine power: 692 kW
Slanted length: 1690 m
Maximum speed: 9 m/s
Driving time: 4.2 min
Average incline: 70%
Capacity: 950 persons/hour
Cabin capacity: 80 + 1 persons
Manufacturer: Leitner - Poma

Two carrying ropes and one towing rope are a guarantee of safety.

Due to the possibility of power outages, the cable car does not run during storms.