Vogel Info Point

The Info Point is located at the upper cable car station, on the terrace of the Viharnik restaurant.

Here you can get all the necessary information, reserve a room in one of the huts, or buy a souvenir or a postcard. You can also find something useful on the shelves of a small shop, such as sunscreen, a t-shirt or jacket, gloves and more.

There is also a ticket office in the Info Point where you can buy cable car tickets and ski passes. 

In winter mornings, you can avoid waiting in front of the lower ticket office.

See the ticket price list.

Visit us at the Vogel Info Point.

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In winter

You can buy ski passes for the following days at the info point. For those who will be staying at Vogel, also multi-day tickets.
If you lose the ski pass, you can get a new one based on the invoice.

In summer

In summer, you can also rent discs for a fun game in nature - Disc golf.
There are also maps of hiking trails.

Disk golf

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