Operating time

Cable car: 8.00 - 18.00

Ski lifts: 8:30 - 16:00

Ticket office: 8.00 - 18.00

Beautiful views

Vogel Ski Centre offers magnificent views of the central Julian Alps with Triglav and the Bohinj Valley throughout all four seasons.

Starting point for hikes

By taking the cable car up to 1535 m above sea level, you have arrived at the ideal starting point for shorter or longer high-mountain hiking trips.

Accessible for people with disabilities

We are happy to give people with disabilities the experience of the mountains and give them the chance to breathe fresh mountain air. More information at the ticket office.


Discover the unspoilt beauty of Vogel in the summer season!

Our cable car takes you high into the embrace of Alpine nature, to a wonderful world full of hiking trails, adrenaline-filled adventures and breathtaking views.

To Vogel

Welcome to Vogel, the balcony of Bohinj. As you are taking a ride with the cable car, you'll already have a beautiful view of the entire Bohinj valley, the central Julian Alps and all the way to the Karawanks and Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

The cable car actually takes you to a mountain called Rjava skala, but as it is the location of the Vogel Ski Centre and also the Prvi vogel pasture, we locals always say we are going to Vogel. Even though the mountain called Vogel is actually a 2.5-hour walk away.

So don't hold it against us that we also use terms like to Vogel and on Vogel on our website.

Ski center Vogel - like a fairy tale

Vogel is located in the Triglav National Park above the end of the Bohinj Valley. You can reach the lower station of the Vogel Cable Car by walking on well-maintained paths on the northern or southern shore of Lake Bohinj. You can also travel by public transport, tourist boat, or by car, which you can park in the free parking lot. You can comfortably reach the upper station of the Vogel Cable Car, at an altitude of over 1500m, by taking the gondola.

Leseno srce - kot v pravljici

This enchanting Goldhorn Kingdom will make your heart sing in every season. Whether it is the beautiful colors, magnificent views or the wide range of opportunities for active leisure in the high mountains.

Hiking at Vogel

In very favorable snow conditions, we offer quality skiing on natural snow for up to six months (from November to May). In other seasons, Vogel spoils you with panoramic rides, practical starting points for high mountain hiking tours, experiences on the Zadnji Vogel pasture, excellent culinary offer, and comfortable accommodations.

Check where we are and how to reach us.

Hiking at Vogel in autumn
Beautiful hiking trails

The upper cable car station is an excellent starting point for shorter or longer hiking tours

You can shorten your hikes by taking a chairlift ride up to Orlove glave.

Go even higher ...

During the summer season, the Orlove glave chairlift and the NEW Zadnji Vogel Circular Cabin cable car are also in operation, taking you even higher, to Orlove glave.

Adrenaline adventures

A new bike park will open in 2024.

Until then, you can enjoy the outdoors with disc golf.

Rich cuisine

Our Vogel restaurants and bars are arranged in an optimal way to offer something for everyone.

Local cuisine with a touch of modern flair satisfies every mountain-loving guest. The Bohinjsko/From Bohinj certification is a testament to that quality.

Accommodation on Vogel

Want to wake up in the comfort of nature?

Is there anything better than sleeping on Vogel, in one of our chalets? Without the public lighting, the starry sky in the mountains is simply magnificent.

Vogel shops

While you are waiting for your cable car ride, you are welcome to visit our Vogel Sport Shop with world-famous brands. 

Vogel Info Point and the souvenir shop in the parking area of the Savica Waterfall are also worth a visit. You're sure to find something interesting or useful

Operating in summer

During the summer season, the Orlove glave chairlift will take you even higher, for even more beautiful views. After a tiring hike, you can refuel in the Orlove glave Mountain Inn, and then take the chairlift almost all the way back to the upper cable car station.

New on Vogel

We have built you a panoramic, circular cabin cable car.

From this winter season, a new circular cable car is in operation on the ski slope Orlove Glave - Zadnji Vogel.

You will get a few minutes to relax and enjoy the view in peace.

It will also operate during the main part of the summer season.

* Please check the operation before visiting in summer.

Our offer, for you

Ski facilities in summer

In good weather, you can take a ride with the Orlove Glave chairlift and the new panoramic Circular Cabin cable car Zadnji Vogel.

Delicious cuisine

You can refresh and refuel in three of our restaurants on Vogel and one in the valley.

Accommodation on Vogel

What better way to wake up than in the heart of nature. Enjoy a beautiful mountain sunrise with a short hike.

Additional offer

A bike park for adrenaline seekers, disc golf for those who want some healthy fun in nature, playgrounds and a mini zoo for the little ones, and more.

Vogel in four seasons

Whenever you visit us, it's always wonderful ...


A snowy fairy tale


Nature's magical awakening


Greenery all around us


When nature picks up a paintbrush