Ski Bus Vogel

Drives until 1. April 2024 inclusive.

To make your skiing experience at the Vogel Ski Resort as stress-free as possible, we suggest that you take public transport to the ski resort.

In cooperation with destination Bohinj, we have set up the Vogel Ski Bus for you.

With the Julian Alps: Bohinj card, you can ride the Ski bus for free, both with a free basic card as well as with a paid premium card.

Ski Bus Vogel

Vogel Ski bus timetable

Ski Bus Vogel 2023-24

The Bohinj Ski Bus also goes to other destinations. Click for more information about Ski Bus Bohinj.

Regular public transport to the Vogel ski resort

Vogel Ski Resort can also be reached by regular public transport.

For arrivals by train, in cooperation with destination Bohinj and Slovenian Railways, we offer you a good Bohinj - Ski Train Vogel deal.

The closest train station is Bohinjska Bistrica and the closest bus station is Vogel - križišče / crossroads.