The DiscGolfPark Vogel course is intended for everyone who wants to learn the game of disc golf and spend their time actively in nature. It's a game similar to golf, but instead of a club and a ball, you throw a disc (frisbee). At the end of the course, there is a metal basket (similar to a hole in golf) into which you must throw a disc to finish the course. The winner of the round is the one who takes the fewest throws for all the courses combined.

Come to the Info Point

Discs and instructions for the game are available at the Vogel Info Point at the upper station of the cable car. You can borrow the discs or buy them to keep as a memory. They bear the logo of the Žičnice Vogel Bohin company.

At Vogel Info Point, you will also get cards on which you can write your results. For the more enthusiastic, there's the UDisc app.

DiskGolfPark Vogel has 9 holes (baskets). Let the fun begin ...

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