High mountain hiking archeological trail

The Vogel high-altitude archaeological hiking trail includes twelve information boards giving details of the rich alpine flora and fauna, the history of the ski resort, and two archaeological sites of early herder and mining settlements on the Vogel. These boards are supplemented by short animations and, at the Dolga planja archaeological site, a digital reconstruction of the past too.

The Vogel is one of the most extensive alpine pastures in the eastern Julian Alps, first inhabited some 5000 years ago. Located in the Lower Bohinj mountains, it consists of Prvi Vogel and Zadnji Vogel and stretches from the peak of Konjski vrh over the Vogel and Šija mountains to the ridge above the Suha alpine pasture.

An easy, family-friendly hiking trail
Duration: 2 h 30 min
Sea level: 1770 m–2070 m
Altitude: 300 m
Total trail distance: 4 km

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