At Vogel or in the valley, near the Savica waterfall.

Apartma Merjasec

In addition to a unique location, each of our accommodations also features...


Your hosts are kind and warm-hearted people who strive to ensure that all guests leave us in a good mood.
They welcome you with a smile.


In the kitchens, our experienced chefs work hard for you and your taste buds. They make sure that you leave us with satisfied stomachs.


Freshly prepared beds await you in each of the accommodation establishments.
Beautiful views also ensure complete satisfaction.

Accommodation at Vogel and the Savica waterfall

When visiting Bohinj in summer or winter, you are invited to Vogel and the Savica waterfall. After a pleasant hike or walk or after active skiing, a rest in a peaceful nature is perfect.
Suppose you are in good company so much the better. We also provide a pleasant atmosphere with friendly staff who welcome you with a smile.

Accommodation at Vogel or in the valley, near the Savica waterfall.

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  • 04 572 97 37 (Restavracija Viharnik)
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